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Frequently asked questions-

Why did you choose to title the blog, Migraine Interrupted? I am a chronic Migraineur. I live every day with pain, and my dream is that someday my Migraine will be interrupted.  Also, it reflects the painting I chose to head this blog.

Why did you feature the painting in the title box?- I'm an artist at heart. When I saw it, it reminded me of times spent working despite Migraine, and my husband's gentle touch as he soothes me. Painted in 1750 by Francois Boucher, the title of the Rococco styled oil painting on canvas is "Interrupted Sleep".

Why is everything black?  I am very light sensitive.  Creating this blog in black allows me to feel better as I go back and read entries because the color is relaxing to my eyes.  The text is in grey or gold because it is bright enough I can see it, but is not so much contrast that it hurts my head.

Why did you create this blog? I write about Migraine because it helps to reinforce new information in a brain dulled by medications that make life survivable. I needed a place to store my files and thoughts, so when I'm asked for information I have a quick place to access it and share it. Every time my computer crashed, I lost chunks of research. I found blogging allowed me to store what I had learned and compiled, and share it with others searching for information. Health literacy is the responsibility of us all. If you don't have it, get it. If you have it, share it.

Where is the information for the newly diagnosed? I was newly diagnosed 28 years ago. That's a full generation. Most of my entries are going to reflect the things I'm still trying to better understand today, or new discussions, or new research, trials or drugs. Sometimes I'll add my own voice.  For now, there are so many wonderful places online for those new to Migraine, I love to refer back to their capable hands instead.

What is your point of view? From the path less traveled. That of someone in a difficult situation who has tried everything conventional, and searching for something different. A nearly fatal reaction to a Migraine treatment in the ER got me going, and my children - also Migraineurs - keep me going. I am looking to better understand how my body and nervous system work both individually and together, and how different treatments affect my system. I don't want to compete with other sites, but to complement them. To add another voice to those who are no longer willing to be the "good patient who doesn't ask questions". One more voice to those looking for the truth. One more place to find information, and one more person who understands. I want to learn all that I can so that my children won't have to suffer as I have. I'm just one person. I can't begin to "save the world", but maybe I can help protect just three of them. If a single voice is mighty, what more might a whole chorus be able to accomplish?! Harmony is accomplished with multiple notes in the same key...

Why don't you refer back to more patient sites in your articles? You can find many of them on my blog list, and if I've put them there, it's because they are awesome. I learned long ago that my doctors are only interested in physician's sites however, so my information focuses there. Much of the information I'm going through is not found on patient focused sites, or is incomplete for my uses. I try to make it easier to understand, and put the pieces together in one place. I'm a pest and question my doctors until I'm satisfied with the answers. Admittedly I sometimes shift into another gear altogether, so if I use an unfamiliar term, just comment with a question and I'll explain it or link you to someone who can. If you're another blogger and want to write a simplified version of an article, please send me a link to it and I'll include it here. What's important is getting the information out, not who does it.

Why don't you use more/fewer links in your articles? Some readers like a lot of links in the text, others are more comfortable with fewer or no links. I'll have a mixture of both. They're informational or supportive only, you don't have to click them. Some will go back to WEGO Health or where literally thousands of pages are accessible to the newly diagnosed and their physicians. These sites contain information that changes as updates are discovered or placed online.

Why are the posts so long? I am unconventional in many ways. Blog posts are usually short ditties with tiny bits of information. I find those posts only have me hunting elsewhere for info. I get sidetracked, and confused. I don't like clicking. Mostly, you'll find my entries are articles meant to discuss or explain a subject in detail. It's that detail that is difficult to find elsewhere. For Migraineurs who have 'been there, survived that' it is the detail that finally brings clarity. My physicians take me seriously when I know and understand the finer points.

Why do you include comments, opinions, experiences? Because we all need to know we're not alone. Each Migraineur is different, and so are their experiences. I'm a difficult case so I have a number of stories to share that might be useful. You'll find some of them here. Even when I'm angry I will always be respectful. Comments, opinions are my own and reflect my feelings and impressions the day they were written. Comments and opinions are not fact however, so please seek out others to compare them. Go to the source. Consider everything, then formulate your own opinion. Never take any single person's/group's word for anything - look it up yourself. If you want to place a comment about something I've written, I ask that you be respectful and informative. I welcome all respectful comments, positive or negative, and will post those that are helpful to myself or readers.

What about updating? Fortunately, Migraine research has taken off with the launching of awareness campaigns and drug company advertising. The constant flow of new and changing information makes Migraine a fluid topic. I will try to update pages as information becomes available, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount that hits my inbox daily. To be fully informed on any subject, I urge you to subscribe to many different blogs and sites from a variety of authors. Join a community and actively participate. If you're not comfortable with that, I invite you to send me questions, or information you've found on your own and I'll help you research it.

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