Monday, June 10, 2013

Tired of Losing

This month's Blog Carnival topic asked participants to choose their favorite blog carnival post.

Because I am one of those sponsoring the project, I read each and every post.  I find myself daily saying under my breath "WOW", or sometimes giggling.  I tend to think of fellow Migraine and headache bloggers as a part of my adopted family.  They're more than just friends.

Choosing a favorite blog post is about like choosing my favorite child.  How can I do that?!!

So first, I want to encourage everybody to go to the Fighting Headache Disorders Through Awareness blog and catch all of the fabulous links.  Sit back, read and enjoy while you learn a few things... about living with a headache disorder as well as about the people in the community.  Then I would dare you to come up with a favorite post!

So, I'm not going to.  I'm going to tell you the one I had the best time writing myself.... and why.

My choice is "Premonition" and it talks about treatments in the future.

Why is this my favorite? 

I lost a friend to Migraine two days ago.  Coincidentally, it happened when I was busy working creating an education/awareness video we hope to release soon.  In it we use the song by Third Day "I Need a Miracle".

The song tells the story of a man who had given up. He went into the woods to end his life. In the end, he chose to go home instead, and that night they found the miracle he needed.

What if he hadn't waited?  What if something awful had indeed happened that day?

I am sick and tired of losing people to this disease.  I am sick and tired of the stigma.  I am sick and tired of waiting, and playing games, and the derision that is happening within the community at large.

NOW is the time for this to end... not tomorrow.

But we don't have much choice.  We must remain patient.  We must NOT give up the day before our miracle.

There are many ways Migraine kills.  Only one of them is when a patient who has suffered longer than they can bear, chooses to end their life and their pain.  
  • Migraine kills when patients have adverse drug reactions to the many things we use to try to prevent and abort our attacks.  
  • Migraine kills when it causes stroke.
  • Migraine kills when a traffic accident occurs as the result of an attack.
  • Migraine kills when medical accidents happen during one of the thousands of treatments we often have to endure.  
We need better treatments that target what is happening in our bodies.

Well, the post tells the rest...

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