Monday, August 30, 2010

Super Kool Facebook Tools for Health Activists

I was not interested in Facebook until long after I became a Health Activist. I joined quite reluctantly, and it was a fair amount of time before I realized what an asset to my efforts it was. It is now one of my go to places when I want to connect with others or wish to get the word out about a Health Activist activity.

Facebook constantly changes however, and keeping up with all of those changes can be frustrating. Just today I found the need to go in and remove 2 buttons that allowed everyone to see my exact address (and a map how to get there) each time I logged in. I did not opt in for this, it just *happened*. Oy.

Today, I accidentally happened on a techie blog post from Life Hacker that discusses many options for Facebook control that I had never heard of. I wanted to share these great tips with Health Activists here.

The interesting article gives several solutions for common problems and "issues" like:

* Accessing Facebook chat through your preferred client
* Backing up your account with SocialSafe
* Having a plan for your account after death
* Prevent sites from auto-customizing content with your Facebook login
* Filter and compress your activity alerts
* Find out when anyone else logs into your account
* Get back the basic privacy you signed up for
* "Quit" Facebook while still staying in touch
* Strip out annoying games, quizzes and "crud"
* Stop your friends from revealing your location

What tools for Facebook do you rely on?

What tools do you find helpful and worth sharing with other Health Activists?

Which tools do you think are not worth their salt in a Health Activist setting?

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