Thursday, September 30, 2010

Candida: Autoimmune Diseases and their Treatments

Candida is a yeast/fungus that is normally present in our bodies - in our intestinal tract aka gut. When Candida escapes the gut and travels throughout the body, it's called Systemic Candida. Systemic candida can be a serious problem.

Those with adequate immune systems and diets don't usually find they have much of an issue with candida because our bodies fight it off adequately and we don't suffer many symptoms. However, many autoimmune diseases are treated with therapies that encourage the growth of candida, especially oral and vaginal candida. I know Sjogren's Syndrome, Graves' Disease and Lupus are three of them. Do you know of any others?

Candida itself has been implicated in many disorders and diseases including autoimmunity and even cancer. It's connection with inflammation is very clear. Which is the chicken and which is the egg? I think it's difficult at best to discern, but we're trying!
Candida is a buzz word within many health communities.

Here is a short discussion on the AARDA (American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association)

**Have you had Candida problems since beginning your treatments, or perhaps directly related to your autoimmune disease?

**How have you treated your candida most successfully?

**How do you deal with the online hype re: candida infections? Do you believe them? What is the most helpful candida site you have found?

**What are our doctors saying?

Here are some helpful sites I've found discussing Candida:

National Candida Center
The Candida Diet
The Lupus Site - infections
Daily Strength - Sjogren's Syndrome Forum discussion
The Environmental Illness Resource
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Great post Ellen! I tweeted it :)
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Hi: Would you be willing to add another helpful site? Most all of us deal with issues related to Candida.
Comment by Ellen S on September 30, 2010 at 10:25pm
Thanks Janeen! .... and thanks Peninah for the helpful addition to the post too :)

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