Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Writer's Block and Blog Prompts

Sometimes, no matter how passionate we are about a health subject, writers block hits. It's like the flu. There's no good time to have it. It always seems to hit at the worst possible times. It's miserable when you're suffering from it, and sometimes it feels like all you can do is ride it out. One day you wake up and *pow!* something hits you and off you go writing like nothing ever happened.

I can't explain writers block, but I have run across a few things that can help. One of them is called a Prompt.

Simply put, a prompt is something - a word, a question, a sentence, whatever - that takes you outside your normal box so you feel inspired to write something. It's like an assignment, but with flair. Sometimes the strangest things can turn into the most inspiring posts! Here are some examples of simple prompts:

* Finish this sentence and write about it: "Just because ________ doesn't mean ______"
* Write about a First.
* Write a How To post

Where do I find prompts?

Many writers workshop groups have daily or weekly prompts that can help you out. There are literally thousands of them on the web. I enjoy Bloggy Moms myself, but I've decided to add a weekly prompt here on WEGO Health and invite you to join me! Each Monday I'll add a prompt on the community page in the General Forum and in the Health Bloggers group. If you choose to use the prompt, be sure and reply with the link to your blog post so we can all read it! :) Here is this week's blog prompt.

Other blogs. Go outside your comfort level and check out a blog that has nothing at all to do with your passionate subject. What are they writing about? How can you tweak it to apply to your Health Activism?

Blog carnivals. Check out some of the blog carnivals out there. Even those that aren't patient related can be helpful to prompt an idea out of your brain. Don't forget to enter WEGO Health's monthly blog/vlog carnival too!

What are some of the ways you get over Writer's Block? If you use prompts, where do you find them? What are some of the best prompts you've ever used?
Comment by yumers on November 24, 2010 at 6:29pm
Their advice may not all be relevant, but they sure have a lot of them.
Comment by Ellen S on November 26, 2010 at 10:22am
Hey yumers, these are great! Thank you so much for sharing them. If you run across any others, I hope you'll think of this post and share them here too :)

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