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Famous Celebrities with Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease doesn't discriminate when it attacks.  People from all walks of life are diagnosed every day.  You probably know someone personally right now who has a diagnosis of Alzheimier's.  Below you will find a list of other familiar names that may surprise you.

I wrote a post about celebrities touched by autoimmune disease, and was really surprised at how quickly it grew.  At this writing it is one of my most read posts on WEGO Health.  I wanted to do some research and see if I could do a similar post about Alzheimer's Disease.  So, here goes...

Ackerman, Bettye (actress)
Acquanetta (actress)
Adcock, Joe (baseball player)
Albertson, Mabel (actress in "Bewitched")
Andrews, Dana (actor, President of the Screen Actors Guild)
Balanchine, George (ballet choreographer)
Bell, William Joseph (creator, producer of Young and the Restless)
Bing, Sir Rudolph (opera singer(?) and Gen Manager NY Metropolitan Opera)
Bird, Billie (actress, comedienne)
Blyton, Enid (author, aka Mary Pollock)
Bouvier, Janet Lee (socialite)
Brooks, James (artist)
Bronhill, June (opera- soprano)
Bronson, Charles (actor, director)
Burrows, Abe (author, humorist)
Callahan, Audrey (Baroness)
Campbell, Carroll (Senator)
Chen, Joyce (chef)
Churchill, Winston (British Prime Minister)
Coca, Imogene (actress)
Cohen, Selma Jeanne (dance historian, teacher)
Como, Perry (singer)
Copland, Aron (jazz composer)
Cunliffe, Mitzi (sculptress)
Damita, Lily (actress)
Davis, Benjamin O Jr. (General, Air Force)
Deakin, Alfred (Prime Minister of Australia)
DeKooning, Willem (artist)
DeMille, Katherine (actress)
Doohan, James (actor, Star Trek's "Scotty")
Dorsey, Tommy (singer)
Dunn, Dorothy (primitive art professor)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo (poet/philosopher)
Falk, Peter (actor, "Columbo")
Fears, Tom (pro football player/coach)
Feraud, Louis (fashion designer)
Fitzgerald, Geraldine (actress)
Ford, Henry (car maker)
Francis, Arlene (actress, known for "What's My Line")
Frankovich, Mark (film producer)
French, John Douglas (physician)
Garber, Hope (actress/singer)
Goldwater, Barry (Senator)
Gowing, Margaret (english historian)
Graves, Robert (poet, novelist)
Hanna, William (cartoonist)
Hart, Dorothy (actress)
Hayworth, Rita (actress)
Henriquez, Raul Silva (roman catholic cardinal, human rights advocate)
Heston, Charlton (actor, activist)
Hill, Arthur (actor)
January, Lois (actress)
Kant, Immanuel (philosopher)
Kellogg, Marjorie (author)
Kelly, Dr. William (pioneering surgeon)
Keyes, Evelyn (actress "Gone With the Wind")
Kirkwood, Patricia (actress)
Koch, Howard Winchel (film director, producer)
Kramer, Joan Whitney (singer, songwriter)
La Plant, Laura (silent film actress)
Leigh, Dorian (model)
Lenchner, George (mathemetician)
Leroy, Mervyn (actor)
Likova, Eva (opera - soprano)
Lillie, Beatrice (actress)
Lord, Jack (actor, "Hawaii Five-O")
Lucculus, Lucius Licinius (Roman General)
Mannix, Toni (actress)
Mantle, Merlyn (wife of Mickey Mantle)
Marta Fernandez Miranda de Batista (First Lady of Cuba)
Maugham, W. Somerset (playwrite, novelist)
McDonald, Ross (author)
Meredith, Burgess (actor)
Millar, Kenneth (crime fiction author)
Minnelli, Vincente (film director, father of Liza Minnelli)
Morgan, Marjorie (artist)
Murdoch, Iris (author, philosopher)
Muskie, Jane (politician's wife)
O'Brien, Edmond (author)
O'Connell, Arthur (actor, "Citizen Kane")
Olmsted, Frederick Law (architect)
Owen, Marv/Mickey (baseball player)
Parks, Rosa (activist)
Patterson, Floyd (boxer)
Phillips, Mary Walker (author, artist, teacher)
Phillips, Pauline (Dear Abby founder)
Picon, Molly (actress)
Pratchett, Terry (author)
Preminger, Otto (actor, producer, director)
Puscas, Ferenc (footballer)
Quackenbush, Bill (pro hockey player)
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (Queen)
Questel, Mae (actress, voice actress)
Ravel, Maurice (composer)
Reagan, Ronald (President)
Reeves, Mary (wife of singer Jimmy Reeves)
Ritz, Harry (performer/comedian, "The Ritz Brothers")
Robinson, Sugar Ray (boxer)
Rockwell, Norman (artist)
Rutherford, Margaret (actress)
Sadler, Joseph "Sandie" (boxer)
Sandoval, Esther (actress)
Scorsese, Catherine (actress, mother of director Martin Scorsese)
Scott, Daniel Simon (actor)
Shearer, Norma (actress)
Shriver, Robert Sargent (composer, writer about music)
Shulman, Irving (screenwriter)
Schwartz, Betty (Olympic gold medal track)
Stewart, Eleanor (actress)
Suarez, Adolfo (Spanish Prime Minister)
Swift, Jonathan (satirist)
Swift, Kay (composer)
Talbot, Nancy (founder of retail giant Talbot's)
Thayer, Lorna (actress "Five Easy Pieces")
Thatcher, Dame Margaret (British Prime Minister)
Valor, Henrietta (actress, singer)
Van Vogt, Alfred (author)
Vance, Cyrus (Secretary of State)
Vestly, Anne-Catharina (author)
Volz, Nedra (actress)
Wallace, DeWitt (Founder "Reader's Digest")
Wallis, Ruth (cabaret singer)
Welch, Harrold Bruce (businessman, father of a First Lady)
White, E.B. (author)
Wilson, Harold (British Prime Minister)
Wisdom, Norman (comedic actor)

Here is a nicely done compilation of many photos and explanations of several of the Alzheimer's Disease names you see listed here:



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