Tuesday, January 25, 2011

20 Things About Alzheimer's You Might Not Know

When it comes to understanding Alzheimer's Disease (AD), it's clear we are in scientific infancy.  There are many points we do know though.  As I began my journey into researching Alzheimer's Disease there were many points that surprised me.  Do they surprise you?

  1. Alzheimer's is the leading cause of dementia
  2. Every 70 seconds someone will be diagnosed with AD
  3. Over 5 million Americans live with AD today.
  4. One in 8 citizens over the age of 65 have AD
  5. AD is the 6th leading cause of death in the US, and the fastest growing
  6. The incidence of death resulting from Alzheimer's grew 50% from 2000 to 2007
  7. AD kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer - - COMBINED
  8. AD is the only disease in the top 10 causes of death in which we have no way to prevent it, treat it or slow its progression.
  9. Landmark legislation was just signed into law that will lay the foundation for a new nationwide Alzheimer's Disease strategy  
  10. Despite its prevalence, AD was finally included for the first time in the federal government's report Healthy People 2020
  11. If the cost of dementia care was a country ($604 Billion in 2010), it would be the 18th largest economy
  12. By 2030 the cost of dementia care will raise by 85% - a conservative estimate.
  13. 70% of costs are borne in Western Europe and North America
  14. World Alzheimer's day is September 21, 2010, and Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month is November.
  15. After designating a National Alzheimer’s Disease Week in 1982, President Ronald Reagan helped to launch a national campaign against Alzheimer’s disease in 1983.  He later died of the disease in 2004.
  16. More women than men have AD.  The lifetime risk for women is 1 in 5.  For men it is 1 in 10
  17. Those with fewer years of education are at higher risk for AD
  18. On autopsy, less than half of AD patients were found to have AD without other dementias.
  19. There is a genetic correlation with a small percentage of AD patients.
  20. 4 diseases increase risk of AD: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and stroke

It's clear that Alzheimer's Disease impacts us all - either individually or societally.  I hope you'll take a moment out to share this in your communities.  I'd really love to hear if they have anything to add!
Comment by Janeen on January 27, 2011 at 10:35am
This is a really great post Ellen!  I'm tweeting it right now.

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