Friday, July 22, 2011

Michele Bachman News Reveals Surprising Truths

It took me a couple days of serious thought and research as I agonized over how to blog at about the media's take on Michele Bachmann's Migraine issues.  I already had a Migraine myself which will often remove the filter from my brain to my mouth.  Getting frustrated over the insinuations, misinformation and just plain junk "reporting" on the issue only served to make things worse.  I was afraid if I wrote what was really going through my head, it might get me in trouble.  o.0

As I read the comments on my Facebook page as well as and many of the bloggers who I follow, it became clear that there were a few things Migraineurs needed to get straight with the society we live in. The more people talk about this issue, the more obvious it becomes that there are some seriously unsavory truths that are being revealed, not just in our society as a whole, but in the Migraine community as well.  Some of these are truths I have not yet seen addressed by anyone else, yet scream out to be heard.

Here is my blog post: Michele Bachmann News Accidentally Reveals Hidden Truths

I know that this post could be written about any number of different diseases or conditions.  That is precisely why I wrote it as I did.  I am a blogger, not a journalist (despite the fact that this post made the #7 spot for Google News this morning).  I call 'em as I see 'em, and that's just what I did.

In it, I included a call to action.  Why?  Because the Migraine community as a whole is exhausted and in pain.  They're tired enough that 90% of them wait for someone else to write their legislators, write a blog post, comment on an article or even discuss these important issues online in any kind of a public manner.   This is a huge issue in the media right now however, and hay must be made when the sun shines.

Migraineurs are the ones who have the most to lose with all the insinuations and misinformation haunting the news as of late.  If we don't care enough about ourselves and each other to stand up for ourselves, then we'd better not expect anyone else to either.

Now is the time to either fish or cut bait.

What will you do??

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