Monday, July 23, 2012

A Migraine T-shirt

Saw a T-shirt about autoimmunity that I liked, so I turned it on it's *a-hem* head.  This is what I want my T-shirt to say:

My brain can create a wave of spreading cortical depression that makes me see, smell and hear things that aren't there, takes away my ability to speak, creates invisible lightning across my face, inside my ear and down my throat.  Then while I lay alone, it pretends it's being attacked by a sword swinging, eyeball stabbing, sledgehammer wielding, vomit triggering pissed off monster for days on end, resulting in the loss of friends, family, jobs and... sometimes lives.  It does all this, invisibly.

What does your brain do?


sadlyj said...

My brain can turn a day that I could have enjoyed into one that I debate urgent care, but hope that I can rehydrate, 'cause few can stick me, and my arms bruise. And I pay $200 for this torture, or $550 to go to the ER where they can stick me, but I can't pay.

Yeah, my brain's expensive.

Migrainista said...

Wow, I can't think of anything better than what you t-shirt would say. I'll just get that one :)