Saturday, July 7, 2012

Real Heroes Don't Wear Capes

I'm a medical first responder for our county.  I help the ambulance crew assist people in need of medical attention in a county that is far too large for its tiny EMT resources.  We get to the scene before the ambulance could possibly hope to arrive there.  

Most of the other first responders are also volunteer firefighters for each of the fire districts within our county.  Because of my long term relationship with these folks, I get concerned when the weather gets hot and dry... and when I hear the tones that call them to a fire like the one happening here as I write this. 


Here's a little fact for you: 

More than 3/4ths of all the firefighters in the United States are dedicated volunteers who leave work and family to help out their community. They pay for their own clothing and supplies, and often even their training. They risk their lives for our property and our well being. 

Emergency Services update before a school drill
When they see dry conditions, they mentally prepare themselves for a day that could end in trouble. When it's hot outside, their troubles are compounded. 

Feel free to donate bottled water to your local fire department on hot, dry summers. Donate time to help spruce up the house and trucks. Donate money to help them pay for training and maintaining the equipment. If you have none of these, offer them your hand in thanks. 

♥ Real heroes don't wear capes. Sometimes they wear dog tags, or surgical gloves, metal stars on their chests, or bunker gear and oxygen tanks. ♥ 

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