Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning My Life...

This is the season for stopping to take stock of the winter and look ahead to brighter, sunnier days.  In the old days, spring was a time to drag out all the old furniture, bedding... well, pretty much everything to give it a good once-over.  The task: clean everything so that the family would have a bright and shining new house to match the bright and shining new sun and the brand new season.  Spring is the season of rebirth.  It reminds us of renewal and starting over.

What do you want to tidy up this spring?  Some ideas might be:

++ Your blog - is it time for a cheerful life affirming post about good things?
++ Your community - is this a good time to revamp your site with new colors or graphics?
++ Your bedroom - open the curtains and bring out the spring bedspread so when you're stuck in bed it feels like a haven instead of a curse.
++ Your medicine cabinet - get out all those old bottles of medicine that are outdated or are not being used any longer.  Dispose of them properly and safely.
++ Your medicine safe - like your medicine cabinet, are there meds there that need to be cycled out or disposed of?
++ Your brain - are there people in your life that drag you down and hurt you?

Photo copyright Ellen Schnakenberg 2011 ~Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

++ Your yard - wouldn't the colors of a few garden flowers be refreshing to look at through the window on days you're cooped up because of your MS or other chronic illness?
++ Your friendships - we have a tendency to let old friendships wither during the winter.  Isn't now a great time to invite someone over for tea, or a barbecue, or just to drop a pretty hand made card on their doorstep... just so they know how much you care about them?!

As Health Activists we often forget about the need for renewal and things that are fresh to us.  Our community members will appreciate the reminder as much as we do when we open up the window to a fresh spring breeze and the sound of birds nesting in nearby trees.

As a patient and/or Health Activist, what do you find to be the toughest reminder of spring?  What do you find the most helpful thing to clean out of your life today??
Comment by Jack Barrette on May 14, 2011 at 11:20am
Comment by Amy K on May 14, 2011 at 1:13pm
Hi Ellen,
Although I am not an MS Health Activist, I believe this post is applicable to all health conditions! As I am going through the process of preparing for a move (in just a few days) I am unloading a lot of stuff! I have had a massive garage sale and now, as we pack, I keep discovering more and more things I need to let go of.
The process of letting go can be really difficult. I have had to part with some heirloom type pieces and some things that I just have a great emotional tie to, but on the flip side, I also get to rid myself of a lot of junk! I don't recommend undertaking these kind of massive feats (so close together) for the chronically ill, but in my scenario it had to be done.

I truly feel that my life is going to feel a lot less cluttered and simpler once we get resettled. I may even find that there is MORE for me to get rid of as we are moving to a much smaller space. For me, this undertaking is a reminder that less can be more when it comes to quality of life.

I am actually going to use my fancy dishes now on a regular basis because I didn't need or have room for two sets of dishes, the ones that were my daily use dishes are gone! That part is fun and freeing.

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