Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All that I am comes from those mountains where I was born and raised. HAWMC #13

Those who know me even a little bit know how much being outdoors means to me.  How much I am a part of God's green earth.  I thought all of that came to an end when I became Bat Cave Girl...

The Bat Cave Girl is just an ordinary girl who woke up one day to find that she has super-powers.  Sometimes, her eyes become ultra sensitive to light and she can see the faintest pinprick of light and tell you where it's coming from.  Her nose can smell the faintest odor and identify it with deadly precision.  She can hear the pitter pat of kitten feet on the carpet and identify which cat is walking toward her. She feels the tiniest of breezes as if they were hurricanes, and mystifies others by predicting the weather with incredible accuracy.

These powers were given to her by a creature that dropped onto her face in the dead of night.  It crawled its way to her ear where it entered her head and changed her world.

The creature is an angry beast.  When she exposes it to its kryptonite it goes into a frenzy, tearing at her eyes and ears and her brain... from the inside out.   

She tries to hide her superpowers.  She wears dark glasses and pretends that the light doesn't hurt her.  She lives in a cave in the mountains where the lights and the smells and the sounds of the city won't hurt her.  She loves the mountains with all their splendor.  They are her hiding place.  Her sanctuary.  But some days the angry beast becomes too much for her and she becomes desperate.  She uses potions made by magicians who try to help her take away the pain.  Sometimes the potions work.  Sometimes they don't.

Bat Cave Girl finds that there are others like her, carrying the beasts within their bodies.  She forms an alliance with them and they call themselves the Migraine Justice League, and they battle for the freedom of all from...

The Migraine Beasts.


Life in the Bat Cave  is a new blog I've been working on the last few months.  It is a sometimes serious, sometimes tongue-in-cheek look at living with a super-sensitive body ... away from light and noise and the smells that drive my health problems to flare.   I'm not quite ready to reveal it yet, but stay tuned... it won't be long now!

The title to this post is courtesy of a magazine - not a book.  My books are all packed away due to our home renovation, but I came home from Oregon with a Guideposts that I opened - August 2009.

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