Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello Migraine Beast, this is Ellen... HAWMC #7

...the person you have called is unable to answer the phone. Please leave a message at the beep....


Hello Migraine, this is Ellen.  I'm calling to ask you to please, please leave me alone for the next two months.  I know you like to visit me pretty regularly, and this is manageable for me up to a point, but I do have a life. Just because it is April and the weather is going a little wonky is no reason to make me endure such pain to satisfy your desires.

As you know from our long talks lately, my kids are getting married in a few weeks.  I have so much I need to do for them, and although I understand your need for personal contact and attention, my kids are only going to be getting married once.  Please give me a little time to make their days special.  You like to visit me pretty regularly after I've been stressed about something, so, despite my earnest attempts to keep stress at a minimum, I am asking this one little favor - please just let me get through the next couple of months and then you can go ahead and do your worst.

If you call me back, I will have no choice but to answer it and deal with you, which I will do with every ounce of strength I have.  I could choose to once again change my number, forcing you to work that much harder to find me.  But Migraine Beastie, I really don't want to get into a fight with you.  Let's just, for now, agree to disagree for a little while, and we can hash out our disagreements later.

For now, I'll make you a deal - you leave me alone, and I won't go throwing a bunch of dangerous drugs and treatments or surgeries at you, okay?  Call it a temporary truce...

Thanks for listening.  I fully expect to hear from you again in July, but thank you for the consideration of at least hearing me out...

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