Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month #6: "Name That Tune"

AwarenessMonth2012BC2Today's prompt is:

Choose a theme song for Migraine disease or headache disorder and find a video for it.

I can’t honestly say this is the song I would choose as a theme song for Migraine, but I will say that it sure is the theme song for current Migraine treatment.  

I’m tired of no new treatments for Migraine. I’m tired of more “me too” drugs.  I want research into the pathophysiology of Migraine so we can get down to business finding new unique treatments that target Migraine more specifically.  I want tests that can diagnose Migraine, not a bajillion tests that just rule out other conditions.  

So, the song I pick for today’s blog prompt is:

Dr. Fred Sheftell’s "Triptans Du Jour"

To understand fully what I’m talking about, you’ve really got to watch the full video.  Even my hubs stuck his head around the corner to watch what was going on and laughed and laughed.  His opinion – this is the song I needed to use for this prompt, because even he could understand the frustration of the situation Migraineurs are in.

Fred Sheftell is a man I never met, but every time I hear an advocate or doctor talk about him, there is a softness that comes to their voice and tears to their eyes.  I get a bit wispy because I almost feel like I know him now, and I miss him even though I’ve never met him.  

I’m told Fred Sheftell was one of the most caring, wonderful patient and education centered headache specialists on the planet.  He was so patient and education centered, that upon his death last year from cancer, the AHS created the Fred Sheftell MD Education Center which you can find here.  

For those patients who have not been lucky enough to find a physician that cares about them and treats them instead of their headache, I suggest this page to you

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