Sunday, June 10, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month Post #10: "Name The Spokesperson"

Today's prompt is:
Migraine Awareness Month Post #10: "Name The Spokesperson." Choose any celebrity to represent Migraine (whether they have it or not).  Who would it be and why?
I have thought long and hard on this subject for many years.  There are a lot of celebs that would be excellent spokespersons, and all for differing reasons.

Whooopi Goldberg has been one of my favs forever. I love that she speaks her mind and is not shy when it comes to revealing details about herself.  People listen to her and if she told her audience that Migraine really bites and why, her audience would believe her.  To have someone who unabashedly tells it like it is, or can be, would be priceless.

Kristin Chenowith is a doll.  She makes you feel all kinds of things when you see her.  She is honest and sweet and funny, and everyone loves her.  She could tell about Migraine from a personal standpoint and make people feel compassion, while telling the sometimes ugly details in ways that make you laugh and think at the same time.  This would be priceless.

Chloe' Kardashian is popular and willing to let the world see what real life is like, and people are interested in her life.  She has an audience that is huge, and young.  She could speak to those who are young enough to not understand what Migraine can do to your life when it's bad, yet show by example that Migraine doesn't have to be the end of your productive life.  That would be priceless.

A Congressman/woman would be awesome.  They are leaders and could eloquently dis-spell some of the stigma we endure every day.  They are powerful, and we need someone powerful to make society sit up and take notice.  They can make a difference politically because they are listened to and respected in this arena. When you consider how much we need a congressional hearing and better attention to the burden of Migraine on society, not to mention our forgotten veterans who suffer, this would be priceless.

What about a veteran?  Someone who has defended and protected our country and sacrificed so much for our freedoms.  A medal winner perhaps.  Would the public sit up and take notice if one were seen to be comparing the fight of serious or chronic Migraine attacks compared to the war they have endured before they were injured?  This would be priceless.

A super-buff football player would be perfect.  Migraineurs are often seen as weak and looking for attention instead of the fighters we are.  I can't help but wonder how wonderful it could be if a hulking, strong, fierce competitor like this stood up and told what Migraine is like, giving his audience educational facts so much stigma would vanish.  It's one thing to be powerful in body, but to be powerful in changing lives like this would be priceless.

Right now, we have no one famous to tell the public about Migraine.  We have only ourselves. 

We must be sweet and funny and compassionate, open to sharing our lives, willing to talk to our legislators for the change we need, ready to fight for research funding and better treatments.  This requires being tough on the outside and powerful and determined on the inside... without an ounce of reserve or shyness.  All these things a celebrity could give us on a large scale, we can give ourselves on a small scale.

Add enough little voices, and they can equal the voice of a famous celebrity.

And, we can start today.

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