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Migraine Awareness Month Blog Prompt #15 - Migraine Frustration

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Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #15: Free Blog
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Today, let's talk frustration and getting constructive with it...

It's easy to get frustrated when you suffer Migraine.  It's especially easy to get frustrated when you have chronic Migraine or daily headache, because it seems there are no breaks from the experience and the pain.

Pain is physically exhausting, so we carry this frustration inside of us.  We try to hide it, usually not too well.  Part of us wants to yell and scream and curse at the world for not understanding, and the other part wants to be stoic and not say a word that might burden those around us.  

I'm not a yeller or a screamer.  I'm also not especially great at being stoic most of the time.  I'm just a person, like you are.  There are days I just feel like I need to say something.  Not to anyone in particular.  I just have something to say.  

I have two ways of making myself feel better.  One thing I do is write letters.  

Letters are a great way to get something off your chest.  You can write whatever you want, and say things however you feel the need.  Forgive a friend. Encourage a family member. Scream at the world.  By putting it down in a form that you can see, it takes a lot of the pressure away from the valve.  I have never sent any of my letters.  They're in my computer and every once in a while, when I get frustrated I pull one up to read it, just because it makes me feel better. 

The other thing I find helpful is writing a poem.  

Now don't get me wrong, in no way shape or form do I consider myself a poet.  However, the creative process of writing something you feel and giving it color and life by how you describe it, relaxes me.  Sometimes my poems are shared (not usually under my own name - to save me potential embarrassment because they're really not that good).  Sometimes I just write them for me.  

The American Pain Foundation used to have a poetry contest, and Teri Robert has a poetry contest every year on Putting Our Heads Together that encourages patients to open themselves up and write about how they're feeling.  This is a great way to share what you might have written throughout the year.  They can be entered anonymously or with a username, so if you're embarrassed like I am, it makes it easier to submit them.  

This year's contest winners were just announced, and with this post I'd like to encourage others to begin thinking about next year's contest.  The next time you feel something and want to get it off your chest, consider writing for the contest next year instead of taking frustrations out on friends, family or community members.  Create something constructive out of a destructive disease.  Make something ugly into something beautiful.  

With words, we have that power...

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Karla said...

One thing that I've recently discovered to rid frustration is to kick cans (or ice cream buckets, whatever you have available and gives you satisfaction). Of course, I'm not often well enough to do this outside. But sometimes thinking about something (or someone) that's really bugging me, visualizing the can and doing the mental wind-up and kick can be very satisfying!