Saturday, June 30, 2012

Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #30: "Blogger's Pick"

AwarenessMonth2012BC2Today's prompt is:
Migraine Awareness Month Blogging Challenge #30: "Carpe Diem, You Betcha!" Tell us about a time when you truly seized the day.
My seize-the-day post is to take the place of one that I simply could not do - choose the best blog post for the month.  There are way too many, so I'll index them all in the next few weeks instead.  They all deserve credit for their amazing awesomeness!

So, seize the day... As I wax nostalgic, one special night comes immediately to mind...

I was working as an emergency dispatcher.  I usually awoke at about 12:15 to arrive at work at 1am.  Since I never slept well at night, I had happily taken the most awful shift in the entire Sheriff's office.

 The view outside my bedroom window

That night I awoke early to an eerie pale green glow coming from under the black trash bags that lined my window to keep out the sun during the day as I slept.  I pulled back the corner and was amazed at the site before me...

My window overlooks a pasture we often use for hay.  That year the hay had not yet been cut.

Something must have happened just right.  Maybe the planets aligned, or God just waved his hand over my little slice of heaven that night, because what I saw literally took my breath away...

The green glow that lit up my entire field and back yard were billions upon billions of fireflies.

I have never to this date nor afterward seen anything so amazing in all my life.

I quickly dressed, then went outdoors, convinced I was seeing things, but I wasn't.

Impulsively, I went back inside and got hubs and the kids so we could stand in awe together, sharing a sight I was convinced no one else on earth had ever had the opportunity to experience.  I thought about getting a camera, but with such limited time, I wanted to take in the sight and sadly, didn't get the camera to record the night sights...

We stood there about 10 minutes, the kids wiping sleep from their eyes and yawning "wow".  Then hubs wanted to go back inside and I reluctantly said goodbye to my family and headed off to town and my job.

For two nights the fireflies danced for me when I went to work, but never with such brilliance as that first night.

I've seen some amazing things in my life before, but never anything like that before, or since.  I am lucky I could share that one moment in time with my family, and lucky I followed my instinct and woke them up to see it with me..

Sure, it's a little thing, but in that moment standing on the porch looking at billions and billions of twinkling bugs lighting up the night sky so thick that seeing one individual light was impossible... I knew God was smiling at us.

It was a rough time in my life as I had been chronic and intractable for a little over a year, and I needed to know He was still there, watching out for me.  Now not only did I know He was there, but I had the opportunity to show Him to my children in the most amazing way...

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andrea said...

What a wonderful gift to see that! How amazing it must have been. I remember fireflies from growing up but haven't seen any since 1997 when we visited my sister in Ohio that June. We don't have fireflies in Oregon. So glad your family shared that special time with you.