Monday, June 3, 2013

Migraine and "The Hunger Games"

Today's prompt is all about the catch-phrase used throughout the movie:

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

What do you do to be sure you keep all the greatest odds possible in your favor so you don't develop a Migraine attack?  If you're chronic, what do you do to keep the odds in your favor so that you will get through the day despite Migraine?

I do everything most other people do... or do I?

  • I watch my triggers.  More than that, I manage them carefully.
  • I take my medicine religiously at the same time every day
  • I try to remember to eat regularly throughout the day
  • I graze on veggies and fruits thru the day
  • I have started Botox treatments which seems to be helping slightly.
  • I attend medical CME credited conferences so I can learn the latest and the greatest from the best.
  • I have an amazing headache specialist
  • I keep track of my other health conditions and maintain regular visits to keep as healthy as possible.
  • I take at least 1 hr out every afternoon to rest and take a break to spend some time on me so I don't feel left out.
  • I maximize my sleep efforts.  
  • I keep pets in the house with me which help to force me to stay active even when I'm sick.
  • I make sure and let my support system know how much they mean to me.  
  • I make my mess my message, by being active as an advocate/educator helping others.
  • I keep track of my own medical records on paper, in a notebook
  • I schedule my day
  • I schedule my life. This means I have a written schedule and plan ahead so if I get sick, someone else can take over seamlessly. Dogs get their meds and fed, hubs has something to cook fast, etc.
  • I prepare food ahead. I buy farm fresh from the farmer, then prepare it when I'm feeling good... in huge batches.  Some things can be pre-mixed and need only be shoved in freezer bags so they can be tossed into a crock pot on a bad day.
  • I eat clean.
  • I keep track of the weather.
The last thing I'd like to mention is surprising to most people, but key to helping me.
  • I volunteer.
If you feel there is no purpose to your life; if there is nobody you can help; if there is nothing to make you feel needed in a good way, and appreciated every day of your existence, then your chances for situational depression are much greater.  Even with these things in place depression can be a factor to deal with. Volunteering is something you do on your terms, when you feel up to it.  Yet it involves others and is rewarding beyond words.  For me, volunteering is one of those things I do to help prevent Migraine from ruining my life.

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