Saturday, June 1, 2013

Comfort, Peace, Coping

This is the theme for today's Migraine and Headache 
Awareness Photo of the day.

In addition, I am including the Team Migraine "M" in 
each of my photos. Make the Team Migraine "M" 
with your hands in the photo and use that to help 
generate conversation too! 

Today's prompt is Comfort, Peace, Coping
My beautiful mare Sammy gives me comfort and 
peace, and my hubs helps me cope from day to 
day.  He too is a great comfort to me.I want 
people who see them to wonder what's with the 
"M".  Maybe ask a few questions, generate a few 

If you're participating in the Photo of the Day, I 
encourage you to do the same.

Take and share a photo each day of 2013 
Migraine & Headache Awareness Month 
(MHAM) this Juneusing these prompts for
 inspiration. Use your creativity in interpreting the
prompts. There is no right or wrong way to see 
Share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, 
Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, yourblog, etc. Use 
the hashtags #MHAM #MHAM2013 and/or 
#MHAMPC so others can find & identify your photos.

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