Friday, June 7, 2013

"Pretty Woman" with Migraine

There are many parts to this topic - what you do to look good when you feel like crap and have Migraine.  It's really all about knowing a few things, then planning for them ahead of time.

I once had someone tell me - every single day actually - that I needed to get up and get dressed, all the way to the shoes.  It would get me ready for the day.  I hated it, but she was right. That meant planning the night before what to wear, then lay it out, so it's ready to go first thing.  No thinking, no time needed to plan when I'm tired and cranky.

Getting dressed, for me, is like owning dogs.  I do it because it keeps me functional.  It makes it so that I have no choice but to keep going on even when I feel awful, like tonight.

Okay, I love my dogs, but sometimes they're hard to own when you're sick.  Most of the time they're hard to own when you're sick.

Sometimes I do even feel better once I've gotten dressed.  At least I'm moving.  Sort of.  Even if it takes me all day to get there.

The other half will be important to read and understand....

If you look like crap when you go to the doctor, patients can often be seen as lazy, not trying, not compliant, or even just as losers.  There's already such stigma re: Migraine patients and their level of education and their stress levels, hysterical brains and laziness, this does nothing to help the situation.  Of course you and I know the truth - some days just getting to the bathroom is all I can accomplish.  Forget dressing.  However, I learned a long time ago, if you want to be seen as a potential drug seeker, go to the doctor looking like one.  If you want to be taken seriously, go with that in mind. 

Remember pony tail holders are made for these kinds of situations.  Caps or head/hair bands.  Even a clean bandana can cover up hair that's not been washed in days.  Clean clothes that look normal - no black, gangsta or biker stuff here. I top it off with a leather jacket or black dress jacket because it makes it look like I tried without trying.  Deodorant/anti-perspirant that's not too strong.  And for gosh sake, please try to brush your teeth 30 seconds, or at least gargle so the doctor can take the time needed to examine you. 

Here's what's not necessary...
  • curled, perfect hair.
  • a bra (unless you're indecent without one)
  • socks
  • makeup - of any kind
  • a purse
  • jewelry, of any type
  • Shaved legs and pits
  • anything stylish.  Just make it clean, and hopefully not clashing.
I have my "Migraine clothes" at the end of my closet so they're easy to get to.  This is about planning for me.  some days my hubs has to dress me, so this assures he gets the right size for my current body weight, etc.  All he has to do is grab the hangers X 2 and help me get in them.  Slide on my slip-on slippers and we can go.  I actually timed it:  It takes 5 seconds for me to put my hair in a pony tail and look like I at least tried.  Thirty seconds if he has to do it.  I can "brush" my teeth with a towel over my finger and avoid the gagging toothbrush, then swish some Biotene so I don't smell like I have dragon-breath.  That's 30 seconds tops.  The Biotene is good for Migraineurs because it has no alcohol, won't dry, has light taste and smell, and acts just like saliva in the mouth, so is good for your mouth, unlike regular mouthwash.  It also contains Xylitol which kills the bacteria in your mouth better than anything else.

A "Pretty Woman" I am NOT.  However, I can appear fairly normal, very quickly if I need. 

It's all about planning.

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andrea said...

I'm very impressed with your system. Wish I'd have had something similar in place during my working years. The less thinking required, the better.