Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Migraine Challenge: "Carousel"

The song "You'll Never Walk Alone" talks about walking through the storms of your life... that you'll never be alone in them.

Living with chronic illness including chronic Migraine and other headaches, autoimmune diseases like lupus and Sjogren's syndrome, and dystonia means I've been thru my share of storms.  These last few months I've even had additional diagnoses to add to my storms - not something I'm fond of sharing or have happening.

My take on the song is that you may be physically alone, but in your heart you know that those who love you are sticking by you no matter what.

I've lost a lot of friends and family over being sick, so this can be difficult to see.  However, I challenge us all to close your eyes and think of the people in your life, or the pets, that mean the most to you.

It's true, they may not physically be walking your walk with you, but don't they love you just the same?  They may have weak moments and cave into frustration with our illness, but don't we get frustrated too?  When we got sick, they were robbed of something too - us.  That's a reason to get angry sometimes.  I think that's not only expected, but that it's okay.

The trick is, getting through these tough times and still staying friends/family after its all been said and done. 

Right now I have a puppy with a hurt leg on my lap.  She laid her face on my shoulder very slowly and softly, almost like she knew I am hurting today too.  Her soft eyes tell me she's in pain and she wants comfort, and it makes me wonder if she realizes the comfort she gives me today, with her warm presence and the mere fact that she needed me today.

We can comfort each other. 

In the end, chronic illness patients walk their walk alone.  That's the reality.  Nobody can enter our bodies with us, but they can be *with* us in other ways.

Here this beautiful song here:

Let's try not to forget that there are many different ways our loved ones can walk with us without actually putting on our shoes...

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